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Kickboxing Day Classes - Introduction to Kickboxing
November 2nd 2017 to Jan 25th 2018
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

No experience Necessary!
Kickboxing is a group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.
What Is It?
An experienced instructor leads kickboxing class by demonstrating choreographed movements of punches, kicks, and knee strikes set to fast-paced music.

Classes also incorporate a warmup and cool down and both dynamic and static stretching. Often, there is a brief segment specifically for core exercises like crunches and planking. Classes run for hour, and do include some contact once each student has been given the correct training.

All punches and kicks are thrown into the air or onto pads. It’s a high-energy workout that can burn between 350 and 450 calories an hour.Your elevated heart rate moves into in an intense zone in which cardiovascular conditioning takes place.

This has a positive impact on your heart. Conditioning can help you have a daily calorie deficit, allowing for fat loss. This loss may include the belly fat that can be so difficult to lose. Excess belly fat has been associated with a higher risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and diabetes.

A Kickboxing class will challenge your technique, endurance, and above all, concentration. Half the battle is mental — you need to focus on the individual movements that make up a combination.
Who should do it?
Kickboxing is a good fitness choice for those looking to burn calories for weight loss, learn to defend themselves or to improve stamina and heart health. People who become easily bored with stationary cardio equipment like treadmills and stair steppers will enjoy the fast pace and new movements in a kickboxing class.

You don’t need any martial arts or boxing experience to take a kickboxing class. Everyone is welcome.

Beginners are advised to begin slowly. Listen to your body and take water breaks when you need them. Work your way up to exercising at full intensity.

It’s normal to become frustrated if you’re having trouble keeping up. But don’t quit. Even if you are unable to follow the instructor’s movements exactly, keep moving to enjoy the benefits of this physical activity. With practice and patience, you will improve.
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Use the sign-up form to the right, contact us via e-mail (info@whitetigerkarate.ca) or call us! (403) 469-4041

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